CheerUp Travel Group™ was born in 2015, from the necessity of presenting specialized services and packages, destined to distinct niches.
Operating in the Leisure Tourism Market since 2003, as a Tour Operator and DMC (Destination Management Company) under the designated Company CheerUp Viagens e Turismo, Lda, and facing the urge of the escalating demand for Portugal as one of the Top European Destination Countries to visit in 2015 and 2016, CheerUp Travel Group™ decided to segment a panoply of diferent Inbound and Outbound Tourism services it was offering.

CheerUp Travel Group™ therefore converges different offers and services, which are promoted under the designation of it’s affiliate brands:

  • The Guest Of Honour ® – Hotels & Resorts in Portugal
  • The Guest Of Honour ® – Ski Hotels
  • The Guest Of Honour ® – Travel & Leisure
  • InGolf ® Tour Operator – Golf Tourism